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So Where’s The Oil?

I’m pulling together some data to try to estimate the impact of opening ANWR and additional offshore areas on the price of crude oil and, by extension, gasoline.  Opening those areas up would presumably increase the proven reserves of the … Continue reading

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Strengthening US Dollar Drives Oil Prices Down – Temporarily

A combination of a stronger dollar and an unexpected decrease in the rate of consumption (it’s hard to say “a decrease in the rate of increase in demand” without sounding confusing) has led to falling oil prices.  The latest market … Continue reading

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Saudi Oil Imports Up, Mexico Down

Here’s the latest numbers from the U.S. Energy Information Agency: Total Imports of Petroleum (Top 15 Countries) (Thousand Barrels per Day) Country 8-Jun 8-May YTD 2008 7-Jun YTD 2007 CANADA 2,319 2,346 2,466 2,410 2,470 SAUDI ARABIA 1,490 1,604 1,538 … Continue reading

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