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Canadian Arctic Claims

The race for the Arctic heats up again.  After a Russian submarine planted a Russian flag on the seabed along the Mendeleev Ridge near the North Pole, the Canadians and Danish got together and launched a counter-attack.  As befitting their … Continue reading

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Russian Oil Production Decline?

From McClatchy Washington Bureau, a report by Tom Lasseter that Russia is lagging behind in developing new oil fields, thus endangering their oil income and world oil prices. The Russian oil boom, which has produced a gusher of cash, political … Continue reading

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Arctic Icebreakers – Front Line In Arctic Oil Race

From McClatchy Newspapers (Queenie Wong): WASHINGTON — A new cold war is breaking out in the race for Arctic oil, natural gas and minerals, and it involves front-line icebreakers. Russia has seven and the United States has three, if you … Continue reading

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The Next Race for Oil – The Arctic

From Alexander’s Gas & Oil Connections (www.gasandoil.com) Russia and the West begin the race for the Arctic Region by Alexander Gabuev,04-08-07 The competition between Russia and the West has, apparently, opened a new front, the Arctic front. The US was … Continue reading

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BP dragging its feet in Siberia

From the AP wire correspondent Alex Nicholson, courtesy of Petroleum News: Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed exasperation with BP PLC’s Russian joint venture, which he said was underproducing at a giant Siberian oil field. In an interview text released June … Continue reading

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