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Updated Palin Poll Numbers

Hays Research Group has released new poll numbers.  Here’s the updated graph of Governor Sarah Palin’s approval rating among Alaskans (the original graph was part of an earlier post, here): Her numbers are continuing to dip.  Some of this may … Continue reading

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Strengthening US Dollar Drives Oil Prices Down – Temporarily

A combination of a stronger dollar and an unexpected decrease in the rate of consumption (it’s hard to say “a decrease in the rate of increase in demand” without sounding confusing) has led to falling oil prices.  The latest market … Continue reading

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Answers to Presidential Math Test

In response to my post, “A Presidential Math Test“, neither Mr. Obama nor Mr. McCain submitted either an answer sheet or an excuse. As promised, here are the answers…

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A Presidential Math Test

Lewis Black was on NPR’s Talk of the Nation yesterday and posited an interesting idea for presidential debates. Instead of asking inane questions about crap unrelated to the profession of leading the country or how the candidate would respond to … Continue reading

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Little Brats

Think back. Remember when you were in elementary school… kindergarten or first grade? There was always that one kid in the class, the little brat that would pick a fight with another kid and then run to the teacher and … Continue reading

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Verschärfte Vernehmung

This blog post is disturbing enough, but some of the responses are downright scary. First read the original, along with the references, then follow the talk-backs. “The Bull in Full” has a particularly good analysis, part of which I’ve excerpted … Continue reading

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