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So Where’s The Oil?

I’m pulling together some data to try to estimate the impact of opening ANWR and additional offshore areas on the price of crude oil and, by extension, gasoline.  Opening those areas up would presumably increase the proven reserves of the … Continue reading

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How Reliable Are Oil Forecasts?

There are a number of agencies that produce short- and long-term crude oil forecasts, including the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Agency, OPEC, and the International Energy Authority.  Deutsche Bank analyst Michael Lewis has now called the accuracy of … Continue reading

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Energy Sources & Sinks

From the U.S. Department of Energy: This is a useful chart.  95% of our petroleum use last year was for transportation.  The other energy sources, primarily domestic, are predominantly used in stationary power systems.  The information reinforces the idea that … Continue reading

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Alaska North Slope Oil Production and Price

Just for grins, I dumped the daily ANS (Alaska North Slope) west coast crude oil price and production data into a spreadsheet and graphed out the data.  The results are below: So while production, which accounts for roughly 12% of … Continue reading

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Offshore Drilling – How Many Drill Rigs?

With all the talk about opening up the offshore areas to oil drilling, perhaps someone should ask the question – can it be done on the schedule everybody’s talking about?  I’m not talking about whether there is really that much … Continue reading

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Alaska Oil Production

Here’s the production data for the first half of July, 2008. July 2008 Average Daily Production (bbls) Prudhoe Bay (Prudhoe Bay, Midnight Sun, Aurora, Polaris, Borealis, Orion) 242,633 Kuparuk (Kuparuk, West Sak, Tobasco, Tarn, Meltwater, Palm, Oooguruk) 135,410 Milne Point … Continue reading

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