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Gas Prices Fall Because Nobody’s Driving

From the Associated Press, via Petroleum News: Oil tumbled below $44 a barrel Dec. 4 and the average gallon of gasoline is now less than $1.80 nationally*, both four-year lows, as the number of people continuing to receive government aid … Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs Cuts Oil Price Prediction

Goldman Sachs is generally pretty bullish on crude oil price targets.  As recently as 3 September they were predicting oil will reach $149/barrel by the end of 2008.  Now the news wires report that Goldman Sachs has cut its average … Continue reading

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Strengthening US Dollar Drives Oil Prices Down – Temporarily

A combination of a stronger dollar and an unexpected decrease in the rate of consumption (it’s hard to say “a decrease in the rate of increase in demand” without sounding confusing) has led to falling oil prices.  The latest market … Continue reading

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Latest Offshore Oil Rig Numbers & The Future Of Oil

From ODS-PetroData: Utilization of offshore drill rigs, other than shallow-water jack-ups, continues to push 100%.  Not to put too much of a damper on the adminstration’s (and the Republican National Committee’s) mantra of opening offshore oil drilling as part of … Continue reading

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Oil Demand May Slow

From Upstream Online: World oil demand will increase by less than expected this year and next due to high prices and weaker economic conditions, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said today. The agency lowered its 2008 world oil demand growth … Continue reading

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Alaska North Slope Oil Production

From the State of Alaska Department of Revenue.  This is weekly oil production from the north slope, as measured at Pump Station 1 (the beginning of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline).  The black line is the FY 2009 predicted production for state … Continue reading

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Alaska North Slope Oil Production and Price

Just for grins, I dumped the daily ANS (Alaska North Slope) west coast crude oil price and production data into a spreadsheet and graphed out the data.  The results are below: So while production, which accounts for roughly 12% of … Continue reading

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