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Energy Efficiency – The Cure For Imported Oil

In 2007, Americans paid about $700,000/minute to the foreign countries that supplied their oil.  The American Physical Society convened a blue-ribbon panel to investigate energy security and global warming.  Their answer – energy efficiency.  From the press release accompanying the … Continue reading

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Oil Shale & Greenhouse Gases

From McClatchy Newspapers (Renee Schoof): Oil shale in the American West might contain three times the oil of Saudi Arabia, but getting it out of the ground would require much more energy than drilling for conventional oil does, and the … Continue reading

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Western Arctic Coalfields

Historically, small amounts of coal were commercially mined in the western area of Alaska’s North Slope. During World War II (1939-45), bituminous coal was mined in Atqasuk for use in Barrow’s government and private facilities. Much of the western side … Continue reading

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