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So Where’s The Oil?

I’m pulling together some data to try to estimate the impact of opening ANWR and additional offshore areas on the price of crude oil and, by extension, gasoline.  Opening those areas up would presumably increase the proven reserves of the … Continue reading

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“Drill Here, Drill Now” and Other Nonsense

I’ve already blogged on the American Solutions website and their snake oil sales job on shale oil here.  Now it seems that everybody is promoting boosting domestic production as the solution for high gasoline prices (see National Review Op-Ed here, … Continue reading

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Is there oil in ANWR? Does it matter?

President Bush has again reiterated his desire to drill for oil in ANWR (see “Energy for America’s Future“). Ignoring the inconvenient truth that opening the 1002 area to drilling will have no short-term impact on gasoline prices and minimal long-term … Continue reading

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