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ANS Production – August 2008

Notes: 1    Prudhoe Bay, Midnight Sun, Aurora, Polaris, Borealis, Orion 2    Kuparuk, West Sak, Tobasco, Tarn, Meltwater, Palm, Oooguruk 3    Milne Point, Schrader Bluff, Sag River 4    Endicott, Sag Delta, Eider, Includes approximately 33,000 barrels per day of Prudhoe Bay … Continue reading

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Heavy Oil – The Future of Crude Oil is Syrup

As world production of light sweet crude oil declines, everyone is looking at “unconventional” oil sources to take up the slack.  “Unconventional” includes sources like heavy oil (warm thick goop), cold oil (cold thick goop), oil sands (thick goop mixed … Continue reading

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Alaska North Slope Oil Production and Price

Just for grins, I dumped the daily ANS (Alaska North Slope) west coast crude oil price and production data into a spreadsheet and graphed out the data.  The results are below: So while production, which accounts for roughly 12% of … Continue reading

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