San Juan 28 Sailboat

We had a sailboat.  It was a little 13 foot AMF/Alcort Puffer, just barely big enough for two people, but it was easy to sail and I could store it on a trailer in the yard.  I wanted a bigger boat, one that had a place to store stuff (like me and a cup of coffee) out of the rain.  I was thinking along the lines of a 19 foot Mariner or O’Day, or maybe a West Wight Potter.  Then a number of things happened:

  1. We went sailing on a friend’s 39 foot cruising sailboat
  2. We decided to sell our cabin in Gustavus
  3. The cabin sold quickly
  4. We became financially semi-solvent, a rare occurrence
  5. We went boat shopping

So we now own a 1979 San Juan 28 sailboat.


A bit bigger than I was originally planning…



6 Responses to San Juan 28 Sailboat

  1. Bill Manganaro says:

    October 9, 2013

    I bought a 1978 SJ 28 and need to replace the running rigging. However, it is not obvious to me what halyards and topping lifts go where throught eh mast, through the four sheaves in the masthead or which should come out of the mast to port or to starboard.

    Do you have a “map” of the running rigging of the mast? A diagram would be awesome, but anything is a help. Thanks in advance.

    Bill Mangnaaro
    Issaquah, WA

    • David Schmidt says:

      I will be replacing all the lines on my 1980 SJ28, so I can do up a drawing when I get that far.

      • Bill Manganaro says:


        This is Bill Manganaro who ask about which line of running rigging goes where in the SJ28 mast. If you drew an outline showing line placement, would you please email it to me at wmanganaro73@gmail. com? Thanks. Bill

  2. David Schmidt says:

    You took the short cut to a San Juan 28; mine included a few other boats of successively larger dimension on the way. Anyway, thats a very nice drawing of the 28, better than I’ve found before. Mine is hopefully on the way home in a week or so for some long overdue maintenance.

  3. Rick Wall says:

    Can anyone please tell me the diameter of the mast electrical conduit inside a 1979 Spar Tech mast? I would like to run several wires inside it without stepping the mast. Thanks, Rick Wall

  4. Jeff Harter says:

    I have a san juan 28′ 1979 I’m looking for a manual , can anyone help?

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