North Slope Photos (3)

Coiled Tubing Drill Rig

Coiled Tubing Rig

Here’s a coiled tubing drill rig doing a well workover on the east side of Prudhoe Bay.  Coiled tubing rigs are used to do sidetracks and rebores of existing wells.  They’re smaller and cheaper to operate than a traditional turntable rig, although less capable.  Wikipedia has a discussion of these units here.

Workover Rig

Workover Rig

Here’s a more traditional workover rig.

Exploration Drill Site

Exploration Drill Site

Here’s an exploration site, with a conventional drill rig.  You can tell that it’s an exploration site due to the ice road in the background and lack of pipelines and well production infrastructure.

Seismic Exploration

Seismic Exploration

Before you drill, you have to know where to drill.  This is a photo of a seismic train going across the tundra, conducting geophysical seismic testing.

Alpine Rig Move

Alpine Rig Move

For all you ice road trucker fans, courtesy of ConocoPhillips, here’s a really wide load – part of a process module headed for a pad at Alpine.



Now for something completely different… a single-skin drill caisson (SSDC).  These are made out of old oil tankers and are designed for bottom-based drilling in shallow water.  This one was used off of the north slope of Alaska in the 1980s and early 90s.  Last I knew, it was in long-term frozen storage in the Canadian arctic.


One Response to North Slope Photos (3)

  1. Bob Meek says:

    I sure hope that whatever needs to be done- gets done and that the Point Thomson unit gets on production- the sooner the better.

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