North Slope Photos (2)

Central Processing Facility 1

CPF 1 - Central Processing Facility

This is Central Processing Facility 1(CPF1), where the multi-phase (water, oil, gas) liquids from the wells are separated. The water and natural gas are mostly re-injected down hole, although some natural gas is processed to provide power for compressors and such. The processed crude is sent from CPF1 to Pump Station 1 of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

Milne Point Production Center

Milne Point

This is an aerial view of the Milne Point Production Center. It functions like a smaller version of CPF1.

Kuparak Drill Site

Kuparuk Drill Site

Here’s a drill site at Kuparuk. The well houses are the vertical row of orange boxes in the center of the photo. The well lines run from the well houses to the manifold building, the large orange box. From there the multi-phase liquids head off to the CPF for processing.

Kuparuk Flare

Kuparuk Flare

Here’s another shot at Kuparuk, taken later in the year.  The flare is used to burn off excess gas “burps” in the system to prevent over pressurization of the system and a potential explosion.  Better to burn off the transient pressure increases than risk the place going “BOOM!”.

More photos on Page 3.


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