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Louisiana Doesn’t Care if You Spill Oil

Bloomberg News has done some investigative reporting into Louisiana’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and it’s enforcement of the state’s oil pollution regulations (which aren’t to stringent to start with).  The full report is behind a paywall, bu the Columbia … Continue reading

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Updated Sarah Palin Poll Numbers

Hays Research has released updated poll numbers, the first since Sarah Palin resigned from office.  The poll was conducted 29-30 July, and has a margin of error of 4.9%.  For more information, see my earlier post or the Hays Research … Continue reading

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Latest Sarah Palin Poll Numbers

An addendum to earlier posts, here and here, adding the most recent poll results from the 5 May survey. The telephone survey polled 400 Alaskans over 18 years old, selected randomly.  If no one was home, up to four consecutive … Continue reading

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Searching for a Senator

I try not to let incompetent fools irritate the crap out of me, but sometimes it’s really difficult.  It’s taken years. but I’ve learned to smile at checkstand personnel in stores who can’t figure out change for a $5 bill … Continue reading

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Old Man Chung (for Senator Ted Stevens)

North of the city lived old man Chung; his larder was full of meat and wine. Ah, the day his poor wife died the funeral guests overflowed the hall. But when old man Chung himself passed on, not a single … Continue reading

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Would've, Could've, Should've

Ted Stevens’ conviction has been thrown out, due to prosecutor malfeasance.  I feel sorry for “Uncle Ted”, who has been a leader of Alaska since the beginning.  He was instrumental in Alaska becoming a state.  But neither he nor I … Continue reading

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Updated Palin Poll Numbers

Hays Research Group has released new poll numbers.  Here’s the updated graph of Governor Sarah Palin’s approval rating among Alaskans (the original graph was part of an earlier post, here): Her numbers are continuing to dip.  Some of this may … Continue reading

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