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Energy Efficiency – The Cure For Imported Oil

In 2007, Americans paid about $700,000/minute to the foreign countries that supplied their oil.  The American Physical Society convened a blue-ribbon panel to investigate energy security and global warming.  Their answer – energy efficiency.  From the press release accompanying the … Continue reading

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The Fat Bush Theory – NY Times Op-Ed

Gail Collins has succinctly described a conundrum that I have been wondering since the President declared it in 2002 – How is reducing the rate of increase in greenhouse gases somehow reducing the quantity of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere? … Continue reading

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Ice Roads (1)

There seems to be some interest in ice roads, no doubt due to the cable TV show “Ice Road Truckers”. That show takes place in Canada. Here in Alaska there are a few differences. Here’s a short primer on Alaskan … Continue reading

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