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Canadian Arctic Claims

The race for the Arctic heats up again.  After a Russian submarine planted a Russian flag on the seabed along the Mendeleev Ridge near the North Pole, the Canadians and Danish got together and launched a counter-attack.  As befitting their … Continue reading

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Arctic Oil

From The Independent, a UK-based newspaper (article, by Michael McCarthy), an article about the new USGS report showing that the Arctic may hold up to one fifth of the world’s undiscovered but exploitable oil and gas reserves: This includes 90 … Continue reading

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The Next Race for Oil – The Arctic

From Alexander’s Gas & Oil Connections ( Russia and the West begin the race for the Arctic Region by Alexander Gabuev,04-08-07 The competition between Russia and the West has, apparently, opened a new front, the Arctic front. The US was … Continue reading

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NAFTA and Canadian Oil

Here’s an interesting tidbit… NAFTA contains a proportionality article (Article 605) that requires a signatory to the article to not reduce the proportion of a commodity that it exports to another signatory country. Currently, Canada exports about 65% of its … Continue reading

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