Latest Sarah Palin Poll Numbers

An addendum to earlier posts, here and here, adding the most recent poll results from the 5 May survey.

The telephone survey polled 400 Alaskans over 18 years old, selected randomly.  If no one was home, up to four consecutive attempts were made to reduce non-response bias.  The margin of error is 4.9% and the confidence level is 95%.


The downward slide continues.  She has suffered a 45% loss of people who rate her “very positive”,  and the number of people who view her “very negatively” continues to grow.

Her overall “positive” rating (“very positive” + “somewhat positive”) was around 80% throughout much of 2007 and 2008.  Once she started campaigning for vice-president those numbers started to nosedive.

Conversely, her negative numbers are rising, especially the “strongly negative” replies.


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