Updated Palin Poll Numbers

Hays Research Group has released new poll numbers.  Here’s the updated graph of Governor Sarah Palin’s approval rating among Alaskans (the original graph was part of an earlier post, here):

Hays Research Polls, 2007-2009

Hays Research Polls, 2007-2009

Her numbers are continuing to dip.  Some of this may be an aberration due to her recent spat with the legislature, but the long-term erosion of her base is unmistakable.

Shortly after she was elected, the head of a state organization told me that the bloom was off the rose and that Sarah’s true colors were beginning to show.  The scuttlebutt at the time was that she was gunning for a senate seat.  Now that her political ambitions are more generally known, more people are accusing her of putting her political career ahead (way ahead) of her current job and the state.

People from outside are continually asking me what I think of our star governor.  I’ve taken to saying that she’s a moose nugget.*

Note*:  For those not familiar with moose nuggets, herewith the explanation.  Moose, despite being very large animals, poop little brown pellets the size of marbles most of the year.  Enterprising Alaskans collect them, mount them on little platforms or sticks, varnish them, paint pretty faces on them, and sell them to tourists.

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