ANS Production – August 2008

August 2008 Production

August 2008 Production

1    Prudhoe Bay, Midnight Sun, Aurora, Polaris, Borealis, Orion
2    Kuparuk, West Sak, Tobasco, Tarn, Meltwater, Palm, Oooguruk
3    Milne Point, Schrader Bluff, Sag River
4    Endicott, Sag Delta, Eider, Includes approximately 33,000 barrels per day of Prudhoe Bay FS-2 oil
5    Lisburne, Point McIntyre, Niakuk
6    Alpine

Here’s the August data.  Alpine was down for scheduled maintenance for part of the month, and TAPS had a partial shutdown 16-17 August which also reduced ANS production throughput.  So the average daily throughput from the North Slope for August was 552,115 bbl/day.

Here’s the graph:

ANS Production, August 2008

ANS Production, August 2008

Prudhoe Bay continues to contribute almost half of ANS production.  All values are in barrels/day.

ANS August 2008 Pie Chart

ANS August 2008 Pie Chart

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