Ice Roads

For all you ice road truckers, from Petroleum News:

ExxonMobil Production Co. said July 14 that it has awarded contracts for work in support of the first well in a multi-well drilling program at Point Thomson, part of the plan of development submitted to the Alaska Department of Natural Resources in February.

A contract has been issued to Nanuq Inc. and Alaska Frontier Constructors Inc., both of Anchorage, for construction and maintenance of nearly 50 miles of ice roads and an ice air strip needed to transport the drilling rig and associated materials, camps and personnel to the Point Thomson side.

The company said barges to move construction equipment to Point Thomson have already been contracted.

“The Point Thomson working interest owners are proceeding with the drilling plan and the project while we seek to resolve the dispute with the State (of Alaska) over the Point Thomson Unit,” Craig Haymes, Alaska production manager for Exxon Mobil, said in the company’s statement. Haymes said Exxon hopes issues can be resolved to the parties’ mutual satisfaction.

“Even if we cannot do so quickly, we intend to carry out the drilling program as leaseholders,” he said.

Alaskans have been hired, upgrades on the rig have begun and long-lead materials have been ordered in preparation for drilling this winter, he said.

After being threatened with forfeiture of the Pt. Thompson leases, ExxonMobil finally ponies up and starts drilling, 26 years after they said they would.

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