Where Does Our Oil Come From?

Not where you think. This graph is from the BP Statistical Review of World Energy, an annual report which is often more accurate than the federal Dept. of Energy.

Map of oil trade movements

It’s a little hard to follow the lines and arrows, so here’s the percentage breakdown for 2006, the latest data available. Note that the Middle East only accounts for about 17% of our oil imports. Makes you wonder why we have such a large military presence there. The fact that the Middle East is one of the last bastions of cheap oil probably has something to do with it.

Oil Imports, USA (crude & refined)
From Barrels/day (x1,000) Percentage
S. & Cent. America 2708 19.89%
Canada 2303 16.92%
Middle East 2276 16.72%
West Africa 1917 14.08%
Mexico 1700 12.49%
Europe 1120 8.23%
North Africa 742 5.45%
Former Soviet Union 370 2.72%
Unidentified 237 1.74%
Other Asia Pacific 205 1.51%
China 27 0.20%
Australasia 8 0.06%
13613 100.00%

Update: New data (for 2007) is here.

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