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We Drive A Lot

I came across this interesting graph yesterday.  (Sorry, I lost the reference where I found it.  If anyone knows, please let me know so that I can give proper credit.)  It shows the annual number of miles we drive, current … Continue reading

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Is there oil in ANWR? Does it matter?

President Bush has again reiterated his desire to drill for oil in ANWR (see “Energy for America’s Future“). Ignoring the inconvenient truth that opening the 1002 area to drilling will have no short-term impact on gasoline prices and minimal long-term … Continue reading

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Greenland Oil & Gas – USGS Assessment Out

The Arctic has been touted by many groups as the next big undiscovered resource. But as the Arctic geology becomes more understood, it’s looking less like the next Saudi Arabia and more like a smaller gas province. From Petroleum News, … Continue reading

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Arctic Oil Drilling

From Petroleum News (Volume 13, Number 22, June 01, 2008), an interesting comparison between environmental regulation of arctic oil drilling in Norway and Alaska. Protecting Arctic waters off Norway, Alaska Norway, United States share common goals but use different regulations … Continue reading

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Answers to Presidential Math Test

In response to my post, “A Presidential Math Test“, neither Mr. Obama nor Mr. McCain submitted either an answer sheet or an excuse. As promised, here are the answers…

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Where Does Our Oil Come From?

Not where you think. This graph is from the BP Statistical Review of World Energy, an annual report which is often more accurate than the federal Dept. of Energy. It’s a little hard to follow the lines and arrows, so … Continue reading

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Only in California… Dolts who drive

NPR’s “All Things Considered” had a short segment yesterday about how gas prices may curb extreme commuting.

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