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Ice Roads (2)

After posting “Ice Roads (1)”, I came across this article, courtesy of Alan Bailey at Petroleum News. It gives a little more detail. Northern Alaska‚Äôs vanishing highways Evolving ice road construction techniques are enabling oil companies to adapt to varying … Continue reading

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Ice Roads (1)

There seems to be some interest in ice roads, no doubt due to the cable TV show “Ice Road Truckers”. That show takes place in Canada. Here in Alaska there are a few differences. Here’s a short primer on Alaskan … Continue reading

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Deadhorse Airport

The last time I went through the Deadhorse airport, I snapped this picture: The women’s restroom had just been remodeled, and I guess spelling wasn’t the work crew’s strong suite. Not that there are a lot of women going through … Continue reading

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PayPal Complaint Notice

I was having some trouble with an item I bought on EBay using PayPal, so I went to the PayPal dispute resolution web page. I found the last paragraph to be rather ominous sounding… “If you live, you can file … Continue reading

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TSA & Shoes – Blind, incompetent, and stupid

Just flew up to Anchorage and back on Alaska Airlines. It’s pretty much a monthly exercise in what Bruce Schneier refers to as “security theater”. [Note: Schneier’s blog, Schneier on Security, is a must read antidote to TSA.] It boggles … Continue reading

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